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Developed and led by journalists, Newzulu’s premise is simple: our app helps everyone with a smartphone and a story to get broadcast live on TV or published in the media. Thanks to our partnerships with leading news agencies, our users have had their work published by many of the world’s leading news broadcasters, newspapers, magazines and websites.

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I took a video down at Bondi of the sand everywhere after the storm and it got on the news! #stoked

Annabel B

I like this app I streamed from a massive gay pride parade in Taiwan and got published.

Yoshi Granath

I’m a photographer and I met the team in Montreal, I use the app to send them news when I see it break at events and in the streets.

Dorian D

Nepal is crazy right now I am here producing my knitwear and I’m sending in photos through this ap but people are really panicking this is world news.

Lars Andersen

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